Workers' Compensation

When did it become your job to make your agent aware that you were eligible for something better?

Here at the NTI Group we specialize in Workers' Compensation Insurance and our goal is to help you become insured with a better company and pay less in the process. For many agents, your Workmans' Comp Insurance is just an afterthought since it pays the lowest commissions compared to all of your other coverages. The irony is that for you, it is probably the most expensive insurance that you are buying.

Since Workers' Comp is a benefit to your employees, workers' compensation laws dictate that all of the policy coverages are identical from one insurance company to another. What is different from one workmans' comp carrier to another are the rates, claims handling and safety services offered.

We have a variety of companies with competitive rates that can offer quotes for physician's offices, health care related risks, roofers, truckers, cell phone tower installers, all types of contractors, car carriers, and just about any type of business operation you may have.

With over 28 years experience in the industry and the last 10 years specializing in workers' compensation, Phil Rickenbach has become an expert in the Workers' Comp marketplace and finding the right carrier for your business.

No one is happy buying workers' compensation insurance but we can make it slightly less painful.

Call today for a quick assessment to help determine if your rates are competitive in the marketplace and to see if there is any benefit from letting us quote your coverage. Our Carriers are Rated “A” by A. M. Best and we offer coverages in multiple states including Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey.

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