Michael Blochberger

Group Sales, mikeb@ntigroup.net

Mike grew up in a small town north of Pittsburgh called Brookville. Mike attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP) for music videos and business. After graduating in 1992 with honors from AIP, he moved to Lancaster. Mike started out as a freelance audio engineer and a TV control room operator at WGAL. He then became a broadcast engineer for QVC. In 2005, Mike changed his career path to work in financial services. He gradually did more and more health insurance, and eventually switched in 2009 to doing group health and benefits full-time with NTI Group. He also continues to do individual life, disability and health insurance. Mike and his wife have been married for over 18 years and have two wonderful children.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I spend it with my wife and kids, playing and coaching baseball and softball, playing the drums, trying to play guitar, hunting, and watching the Steelers.
What was your childhood dream?
Football player, baseball player or drummer in a rock band
What is your proudest moment?
Having kids and watching them develop and grow
What has been your most significant experience at NTI Group?
I found myself writing more and more health insurance. Then I met Bill Tell and the group and was very impressed by them. It just seemed like a natural fit to switch to NTI Group.
What is the best comment a client gave you about your services?
When they very sincerely say: “Thank you for the work that you do!”